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Item: 4082 

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Colt Richards-Mason 7 44 Colt Revolver

Retail Price: $5,195.00

Your Price: $4,795.00
Mechanical function is very good and retains 85% cylinder scene
Nice Richards-Mason 44 Colt Conversion

This is a nice Colt Richards-Mason 7 with traces of blue in protected places. There are also traces of case colors on the frame. This is serial number 6769 and still has most of the Engagement date visible. It retains 85% cylinder scene. The mechanical function is very good and the bore is very good bright and with shine and strong rifling. Most of the blue has turned a plum color but you can still see traces of blue in the protected places. The grips are nice but do have some scratches and dings but are original and without damage. The markings and numbers are sharp and clear. All said this is still a nice Cowboy and Indian era single action that could be used with proper loads.

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