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Item: 4047 

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Mitraillesue French Palm Pistol, 8mm Gaulois

Retail Price: $2,795.00

Sale Price: $2,395.00
Mechanical function is very good and finish is at between 85 and 90%

This is a very unusual 8mm Gaulois caliber French Squeezer Palm Pistol. The barrel is engraved MITRAILLEUSE on the top. This is number 309 stamped on the bottom of the barrel. The right side is maker marked “MANUFACTURE FRANCAISE-D’ARMES DE ST. On the frame has a fine geometric pattern on all sides and finished in a silver and gold color finish. The grip is mottled orange black-checkered hard rubber material. The left side has a three-position switch for safe, fire and unload and disassembly. The finish is at between 85 and 90%. The bore and mechanical function is very good. The caliber is a strange 8mm centerfire that was long ago obsolete. This was made about 1891 or 1892 and is first year production.

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