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Item: 4137 

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William Tranter 36 Caliber Single Trigger

Retail Price: $3,395.00

Your Price: $2,995.00
Mechanical function is crisp and tight and retains 96% blue

This is a 36-caliber percussion single trigger D.A. revolver. It retains 96% blue and the cylinder; hammer and trigger are finished in the white. The bore is excellent plus bright and shiny. The mechanical function is crisp and tight. The grips are crisp and finely checkered. This is a 5 shot 36 caliber percussion revolver with a 3.75Ē barrel. This is a very refined version of the D.A. Robert Adams 5 shot percussion revolver. There is also some nice engraving on the frame, barrel and rammer. The Adams has a manual safety but Tranterís safety was engaged by the slight pull on the cocking portion of the trigger. The serial number is 19322 T. This is one of the nicest that I have encountered.

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