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Item: 3284 

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Evans Deluxe Transition Model Sporting Rifle 85% Blue

Retail Price: $3,695.00

Sale Price: $3,195.00
Mechanical function is very good and retains over 90% original finish
First American made rifle with high capacity magazine British proofs

This is a Evans Deluxe Transition Sporting Rifle in 44 Evans centerfire caliber. It held a whooping 34 rounds, more than twice the rounds of any other American rifle of that period. This gets the record for the very first high capacity magazine rifle made in the U.S. and possibly in the world at that time. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight and it has a very good bore with strong rifling and only the smallest amount of light frosting. The serial number is 1955 and next to it is one English definitive blackpowder proof mark, one English provisional proof mark and one other poof mark which is probably also British. It retains over 90% original finish of which is 85% blue and the balance some patina spots. The wood has one tiny repair crack just above the lever and a few light scratches and bumps. This is an exceptionally nice and rare American Old Western very high capacity centerfire rifle.

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