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Item: 3239 

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Hapgood, Joab, Shrewsbury, Mississippi 40 Caliber Rifle, Civil War Era

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Nice engraving on the escutcheon plates over all nice condition, many of the civilian rifles in the South were used by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War

This rifle was made by Joab Hapgood of Shrewsbury, Mississippi in or about 1859. It is a half stock 40 caliber percussion rifle with 1” barrel flats. Many civilian Southern made firearms were used in the Civil War. The bore is dirty but has strong rifling and will clean out. It won’t hold full cock. It has nice engraving on the escutcheon plates for the barrel wedge, top tang, trigger guard, cap box and butt plate trim which is also missing a small piece. There is a sliver of wood missing from the top left side fore end. The rest of the wood is solid. All of the edges are sharp and the metal has turned to a blue and plum color. Many of these old rifles that were made in the South were indeed used by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, as firearms were in very shot supply.

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