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Item: 3628 

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Colt 1862 Police With Hartford Address, Iron Trigger & Back Strap

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Hartford Address, Iron Trigger And Back Strap, and a 5.5 barrel

This is a serial number 373 and is all matching numbers including the wedge and the cylinder is numbered in one of the flutes. This is a first year production Colt 1862 Police with a five shot cylinder and a 5.5 barrel with 50% barrel blue. The cylinder retains 35% blue and also has the Colt patent date in one of the flutes. Not all fluted cylinders have the Patent Pates. There are all of the cylinder safety pins remaining on the rear of the cylinder. The bore is very good, bright and shinny but does have some black powder frosting in a few spots. The frame has 35% dark case colors and the grips retain 50% varnish but the right panel has a gouge with a piece of wood scraped off. The iron trigger guard and back strap retain about 25% silver that has tarnished. Iron grip and trigger guard with a Hartford barrel address are very hard to find and this is #371 a very early revolver.

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