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Item: 3882 

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W. Richards DBL Barrel Shotgun_8 Gauge

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Mechanical lock up and function is very good and tight
RARE shotgun

This a somewhat of a rarity, plenty of 12 gauge and 10 gauge cartridge guns but when was the last time you saw an 8 gauge double gun. This is Belgium made and is a plain market gun. This is marked Laminated Steel on the top rib. The barrels are 34 in length, weighs a hefty 12 pounds 12 ounces and is 50 in overall length. Mechanical lock up and function is very good and tight. Both bores are very good bright and shiny but does some minor imperfections from the black powder. The right side of the butt stock has a repaired grain crack, which was only on the right side and not on the left. The barrels have a nice solid bell tone ring. The finish has about 70% finish left on the barrels of which is about 25% blue plum color and the balance plum. The frame finish on the outside has mostly turned a plum color. The frame on the water table is half blue remaining. This is a rare shotgun, with few in 8 gauge, that do exist.

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