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Item: 3913 

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Spencer Model 1860 Civil War Army Rifle 30

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Action is very good crisp and tight with 20% original metal finish remaining

This is a 52 caliber Civil War Army Model Rifle with a 30, 6-groove barrel and uses the 1855 angular bayonet. It is serial number 10235 and was made in 1864. The action is very good crisp and tight and the bore good plus with strong rifling and some light corrosion. This will make a great shooter with an S&S Firearms centerfire breach block. The metal is smooth with about 20% original finish remaining. Its original and all markings are about very good. The wood is solid without any cracks or damage. This is an honest 1860 Civil War Army Rifle and would be a very fine shooter with proper loads. This was the rifle that a Confederate soldier said; the Spencer loaded in the morning and fired all day.

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