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Item: 4032 

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Starr Arms Co. Civil War Carbine 52 Rimfire

Retail Price: $4,695.00

Sale Price: $3,595.00
Mechanical function is very good and 75% barrel blue and 60% case colors
Canadian Broad arrow marked only 250 sold

This is a Starr Arms Co. 52 caliber rimfire carbine with a 21-inch barrel. It retains 75% barrel blue and 60% case colors. It has two wrist cartouches behind the saddle ring. The bore is excellent, bright and shiny and the mechanical function is very good crisp and tight. The wood has some storage dings and dents but no cracks. The serial number is 36107. S.T.B. is the Federal inspectors initials on the left side of the barrel near the receiver and is Samuel T. Bugbee. This is one of 250 sold to Canada for their Militia. It is marked with the War Departments WD Broad Arrow on the right rear of the butt stock.

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