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Item: 4027 

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USN Jenks 54 Caliber Percussion Breach Loading Carbine

Retail Price: $4,795.00

Sale Price: $4,395.00
Mechanical function is very good with good markings, Civil War Era
Hard to find, Only 4250 were made 1843-1846

This a very interesting USN “Mule Ear”, 54 caliber breachloading sidehammer percussion carbine made by N.P. Ames. It has a 24 ¼” riffled barrel and is dated 1844 and is RP inspector on the breach and has a faint RP cartouche on the left side below the breach. Only 4250 were made 1843-1846. These were altered in 1861 and changed to rifled barrels and an oval breach to accept paper cartridges. The mechanical function is very good, and the bore is very good with strong rifling. These are not common carbines.

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