Colt 1851 Navy Brevete 36 Caliber

1851 Navy Brevete made with Colt parts

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This is a Colt Brevete 1851 Navy and was made with original Colt parts because it is a 4th Model and has the Naval Engagement Scene. The serial number is 101093 and falls into the 4th Model range. The frame has the large trigger guard and most all of the major parts have a numeral 5. The cylinder face is marked with an oval ELG star and N with an arrow tip pointing at an angle. It retains 70% case colors and 45% blue. All numbers match and the cylinder scene is 99%. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight. The bore is very good bright and shiny with strong rifling. All of the markings are very good. The grips are not excellent fitting at the toe.