Colt 1878 5 ½” D.A. .476 Calbier_Cased

85% Nickel, Pall Mall London label


This is a cased Colt 5 ½” 1878 D.A. with a cartridge tray almost full, oiler bottle, cleaning rod, Colt 1878 tool which are very rare and a key for the box. This one is serial number 15744 and is matching serial numbers. It is a Pall Mall London labeled box and it has 26 rounds of 476 ammo in the ammo tray. The Colt revolver is very good crisp and tight and the bore is very good bright and shiny with only the slightest bit of frosting. It retains over 85% original nickel finish This Pall Mall London Cased Colt is rare to find with the cartridge tray and the 1878 screwdriver tool still in the box.