Colt Richards Second Model Conversion

Neat old Cowboy 44 Colt conversion

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This is the Colt Richards Second Model; it has the barrel of the Richards Model and the hammer and conversion plate of the Richards Mason type. The barrel has been professionally cut to 5” and has a pair of replacement grips. The mechanical function is very good and crisp. The bore is very good and shiny with strong rifling. This Colt has the 71 and 72 patent dates on the frame. It is all matching numbers. The number on the bottom of the back strap looks like it was used to hit nails but you can make the serial number with a loop or a glass. All of the markings are sharp and it retains 75% cylinder scene. It retains 70% nickel finish. This is a neat old cowboy 44 Colt and could be a good shooter with proper loads.