Japanese Wakizashi Pilots Sword, Hat, Flag, Metal

Japanese Pilot WWII Sword, Helmet, Metal, Flag


This is a 400 year old Wakizashi Pilots Sword and was cut down from a Katana sword. Pilots and Tank Commanders carried the short swords for obvious tight locations. I got the sword, pilots leather cap, Order of the Rising Sun 7th Class medal and a Rising Sun Flag from an old WW2 Veteran at a Big Reno Show 10 years ago. The blade is very nice without any damage or nicks. It is 21.75” long with a nice hamon showing a clean temper line and a sword without any damage or stains on the blade. The scabbard is brown leather military mount. The flyers leather cap is in near excellent condition, without damage, stains or flaws. Inside and under the left ear there are Japanese inspector acceptance stamps. The flag measures 27”X 36” and in very good condition with leather right triangle tips supporting the tie strings. The 7th Class Rising Sun Medal comes in the original black lacquer box and is in excellent condition.