Lewis & Tomes High Grade, 10 Gauge

$1,795.00 $1,295.00

Nice engraving very crisp mechanical

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This is a very nice engraved Lewis and Tomes 10 gauge SXS percussion shotgun. The barrels are 30” and marked London Fine Stub Damascus Twist. The bores are very good bright and shiny with platinum chamber plugs and gold inlays at the rear breach. Mechanical function is very crisp and tight. The locks have bird hunting scenes with case colors, engraved hammers and engraved tangs. The barrels retain 65% brown. The engraved trigger guard has a bird hunting scene. The ramrod pipe and trigger final are nicely engraved as is cap box on the butt bottom. It has nice checkering on the hand grip and the wood appears to be upgraded. The ramrod has an augur tip. The butt plate top is engraved and both nipples are in fine condition.