Mauser Cone Hammer Pistol/Bandolier

Retains over 80% original blue finish

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This is a Boer War era Cone Hammer Broom Handle Mauser pistol, made in 1897. It has all matching numbers (SN 1479) with the 1-10 marked rear sight and 23 groove wood grips. It retains over 80% original blue finish. The mechanical function is like new crisp and tight. The bore is very good with strong rifling but does have frosting. I am selling this antique leather bandolier made to hold 150 rounds of Mauser pistol ammo in 10 round stripper clips. These bandoliers were not commercially available and would have been a special order custom made item in 1897 or 1898. It is completely unmarked but has 15 individual ammo compartments, each one holding 10 rounds on a stripper clip. I’m a size 34 and there is 3 belt holes left in this one. The leather is pliable and in decent condition with out damage. The stitching is intact and this item is well made.