US Trapdoor, Model 1880 Sliding Angular Ramrod-Bayonet

Only 1001 made and are not common

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This one is serial number 157159 and only 1001 were made and all were in the 154,000-158,000 range.  This is a Type 1. The barrel has 75-80% blue and the receiver 70% blue black and the breach block has 50% silvery blue and dark color, the 3 on 1873 is partly filled. All of the markings and numbers are sharp and crisp. The wood Inspector cartouche on the wrist is faint. The mechanical function if very good, crisp and tight. The bore is bright and shiny with strong rifling. These are very hard to find in decent condition. The number 6 is stamped on the top rear of the butt stock.Keyword Springfield, Trapdoor