Reid, My Friend Knuckle-Duster Revolver

Very early model, rare and scarce

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This is a very crisp Reid Knuckle Duster 32 caliber rimfire revolver with matching serial numbers on the frame, cylinder and the arbor pin. The serial number 8060 and was probably made in 1870 or 1871. This is the very early model production with the trapdoor on the bottom of the grip to adjust the mainspring tension. It also has the front safety under the cylinder front on the frame. The safety locks the cylinder so the hammer rests between chambers and not on a cartridge rim. It retains traces of silver on the frame and has very crisp and tight mechanical function. All of the markings are sharp and crisp. The silver-plating process was not a great success on brass till a much later date. These were a favorite of gamblers, ladies of the night and anyone who didn’t carry a full size revolver. They were real jaw busting head thumpers. This is a very rare and scarce feature for this model Knuckle-Duster.