Remington-Beals Single 32 Caliber Shot Rifle

Less than 800 were made,BEALS PATENT

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This little Remington rifle is engraved, From Dunn to L.L. German on the right receiver side. Less than 800 were made from 1866 to 1870 so it is seldom seen in any condition. The only numbers I find is #16 on the barrel bottom and the lever link so this is a very early model. This is 32 long rimfire caliber. The barrel is 24” long and 39” overall in length. The bore has very strong rifling and only a slight amount of corrosion. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight. There is a tiny sliver of wood missing from the rear stock tang and the one edge of the two-position rear leaf site appears to have been broken off. The action is unusual lever type and when lowered, the barrel slides back and extracts the cartridge. The frame and butt plate are brass and silver plated with about 40% silver remaining. The barrel retains only slight traces of blue remaining. The barrel is marked BEALS PATENT JUNE 38, 1864/E.REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, NEW YORK.