Remington New Model Navy

Very good Mechanical function retains 45% factory blue finish

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This is a rare factory engraved Remington New Model Navy 38 centerfire six shot revolver with a 7 ½” octagon barrel. Only 28000 were made from 1863 to 1878. The factory conversions were made in both 38 centerfire and rimfire. The ejector rod assembly and loading gate were added during the conversion process before leaving the factory. The ejector rods and loading gates were done before leaving the factory. The serial numbers began from about 23000 and continuing from the Model 1861 Navy, while this serial number is 44480. Many of these were actually not conversions but left the factory as cartridge revolvers, as did this one. It retains 35-45% original factory blue finish and the mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight. The bore is very good, bright and shiny with strong rifling and only a few tiny specs of black powder corrosion.