Remington Type 1 No. 2 41 RF with Ammo & Case

86% nickel finish, special case

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This is Type 1 No. 2 Remington O&U 41 rim fire deringer with a two-line barrel address. It comes in an oak display case with an original “dog bone box” of .41 short rim fire and 33 original rounds. This was made in 1868 and less than 14000 were made. The mechanical function is very good and tight and the bores are about very good condition. This model has the extractor and retains 83% original nickel finish. This has excellent smooth walnut grips. The hinge is not damaged or cracked. The barrel bottom is numbered #203 and under the grip is #203. There is even an old CLUB CAL NEVA RENO, NV gambling chip in the box as well.