Southall, Quality 75 Caliber Percussion

75 Caliber Damascus man stopper

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Southall is an excellent quality maker of fine British percussion pistols. This is a beautiful 9” Damascus 75 caliber bore horse pistol. The breach, tang, hammer, trigger guard and final are all nicely engraved. The breach plug has a gold band. The grip is nicely checkered and the ramrod auger tip has a screw on cover. There is a silver monogram plate behind the tang. The bore and mechanical function are excellent, sharp and crisp. The barrel retains 80% brown and the lock still shows nice case colors. The overall length of this fine pistol is 14.5”. It would shoot a ball weighing over 520 grains and would be considered a real man stopper for sure. The nice walnut wood stock retains over 90% of it original varnish. This early 1840s pistol is in excellent condition inside and out.