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Frontier Bull Dog 44-40 Caliber


Mechanical function is very good


This is a 44-40 caliber D.A. Frontier Bull Dog revolver. It has a wonderful raised panel grip design. The mechanical function is very good crisp and tight. The bore is good plus the very good rifling but does have some remains of corrosion from black powder priming. It retains 90% frame and barrel nickel and the cylinder about 78% nickel because some has flaked off. I find only one number on the frame and it is #37. This was made in Belgium in the 1880s. This is the first one that I have owned, I have had plenty of the 44 Bull Dog and 38 Bull Dog revolvers. This is a heavy revolver and has stamp with in an oval with E on top, LG on the bottom with a star below. 44-40 CAN NOT SELL TO CANADA”