Here is what our customers say about our merchandise and service:

I purchased a Colt New Line 22, and the revolver came exactly as described.  It is in great shape, and was offered at a good price. In addition, the customer service was great too!.  I would not hesitate buying form these folks again!  – Ronnie – NM

Wanted to let you know that the colt baby dragoon arrived on Christmas Eve. I walked 4 blocks in a blizzard to pick it up at the post office., It was well worth it… I LOVE IT !!  Having a colt gun made in 1848 , Possibly from California, during the Gold rush is amazing. Also knowing that Samuel Colt was still alive when this gun was made is a PLUS. Thank you very much , I will follow your web site now to see what you may have in the future.  –  Scott – IN

Received safe and sound, really nice heavy old gun,looks like a good shooter. I like it! Thanks  – Roger – Sweden

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE that Colt SAA I bought off of you. It had some issues as we discussed before purchase, but being a tool and die maker and wanting to learn about these SAA’s I figured it was a perfect SAA to learn on. Had to weld up the hammer cam, the hand, and the cylinder bolt, then with Kuhnhausens book I slowly fit everything via stoning and grinding, etc. Long story short, I learned a lot and now it times like it just left the factory. Have loaded for it, using pyrodex P I am getting 5 shot groups (from a bench rest) of under 3″ at 25 yards. The old Colt is awesome with the boom and the smoke. Once again, I appreciate your taking the time on the phone to go through the details of this gun with me. Your openness as to its condition told me I was dealing with an honest fellow collector. – Dan – OH

I received the guns yesterday. They look fine, you were right I do like them. I will keep watching your site for more of the conversions. You have quality guns at good prices. – Jim – TX

I received the Colt Police today. I’m very happy with it.
Thank you very much for the great service. – Lammert – The Netherlands

The cute little Tranter .320 M1868 just arrived. Its a very nice example. – Joel – Australia

British Percussion Saloon Gun is very nice and I’m very pleased with it.
I’ll be watching to see if you get any more like it in percussion. – Geroge, England

I am the happy owner of an Enfield SMLE converted to .410. I just got it so haven’t fired yet. The gun has a very good blueing, a mirror bore and all numbers matching!.. Really quite a keeper. – Raul, Chile

Got the Holster yesterday. All arrived in good shape and very well packed.
Just as I expected it was perfect for my needs. My WW1 Luger says,Thank you.  – Kent – MI

You don’t know how much I appreciate you sharing that with me.
Upon reading your email I had the best laugh I’ve had in a long time;
It takes a trained eye to know these things and because of your kindness you’ve won yourself a customer.
I’ll be visiting and shopping on your website often. – Jim, CA

Just to confirm received of the Remington with many thanks.
The gun looks better than the picture , it will be at display with my other antique Remington handguns.
Hope in future to order another antique with you. – Peter, Netherlands

Just to let you know that my I now have my hands on XL & Rem Miss.
Very happy with them, exactly as described on your 1st class web site. – David, UK

The helmet came today,thanks very much.It’s a nice one! – Gary, Canada

The Colt arrived today and I am well pleased with it. That was some fast shipping.
Thanks and I wish you the best. – Ralph, NH

The Colt arrived today in fine shape. I am very pleased with it.  – Chris, TX

I received the Merwin Hulbert today and it all appears as advertised – a nice little machine. – Tom, OK

The Merwin Hulbert .32 arrived yesterday in good shape.
I’m happy to have it and thanks for a cordial experience. – Stuart, MS

Received my Smith today. It is a beautiful gun. I want to thank you for your fine guns.
There are Companies out there selling antique guns that are not up to your quality of guns. – Gary, CA

This is to inform you that the Adams has arrived safely and I am very pleased with it.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,  – Ernst, Netherlands

The daggers came yesterday and thank you. They will be a nice addition to my
collection.  – Best to you, Dick, WI

I got the items today and I am very pleased with the speed of the delivery and your professional handling of the affair. I thank you for the pleasure of doing business with you and hope that we will be able to do so again in the future.  – Niklas, Sweden

Pistols arrived today, Thanks. Very pleased with them and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  – God Bless. Bob, UK

Received the Colt SA on Thursday and it looks to be as you described it. I’m happy with the deal and I will continue to watch your sight and if something else comes up I will get back to you. – Bruce, MN