Here is what our customers say about our merchandise and service!

Recived safe and sound, really nice heavy old gun,looks like a good shooter. I like it! Thanks
– Roger – Sweden

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE that Colt SAA I bought off of you. It had some issues as we discussed before purchase, but being a tool and die maker and wanting to learn about these SAA’s I figured it was a perfect SAA to learn on. Had to weld up the hammer cam, the hand, and the cylinder bolt, then with Kuhnhausens book I slowly fit everything via stoning and grinding, etc. Long story short, I learned a lot and now it times like it just left the factory. Have loaded for it, using pyrodex P I am getting 5 shot groups (from a bench rest) of under 3″ at 25 yards. The old Colt is awesome with the boom and the smoke. Once again, I appreciate your taking the time on the phone to go through the details of this gun with me. Your openness as to its condition told me I was dealing with an honest fellow collector.
– Dan – OH

I received the guns yesterday. They look fine, you were right I do like them. I will keep watching your site for more of the conversions. You have quality guns at good prices.
– Jim – TX

I received the Colt Police today. I’m very happy with it.
Thank you very much for the great service.
– Lammert – The Netherlands

The cute little Tranter .320 M1868 just arrived. Its a very nice example.
– Joel – Australia

British Percussion Saloon Gun is very nice and I’m very pleased with it.
I’ll be watching to see if you get any more like it in percussion.
– Geroge, England

I am the happy owner of an Enfield SMLE converted to .410. I just got it so haven’t fired yet. The gun has a very good blueing, a mirror bore and all numbers matching!.. Really quite a keeper.
– Raul, Chile

Got the Holster yesterday. All arrived in good shape and very well packed.
Just as I expected it was perfect for my needs. My WW1 Luger says,Thank you.
– Kent – MI

You don’t know how much I appreciate you sharing that with me.
Upon reading your email I had the best laugh I’ve had in a long time;
It takes a trained eye to know these things and because of your kindness you’ve won yourself a customer.
I’ll be visiting and shopping on your website often;
– Jim, CA

Just to confirm received of the Remington with many thanks.
The gun looks better than the picture , it will be at display with my other antique Remington handguns.
Hope in future to order another antique with you.
– Peter, Netherlands

Just to let you know that my I now have my hands on XL & Rem Miss.
Very happy with them, exactly as described on your 1st class web site.
– David, UK

The helmet came today,thanks very much.It’s a nice one!
– Gary, Canada

The Colt arrived today and I am well pleased with it. That was some fast shipping.
Thanks and I wish you the best.
– Ralph, NH

The Colt arrived today in fine shape. I am very pleased with it.
– Chris, TX

I received the Merwin Hulbert today and it all appears as advertised – a nice little machine.
– Tom, OK

The Merwin Hulbert .32 arrived yesterday in good shape.
I’m happy to have it and thanks for a cordial experience.
– Stuart, MS

Received my Smith today. It is a beautiful gun. I want to thank you for your fine guns.
There are Companies out there selling antique guns that are not up to your quality of guns.
– Gary, CA

This is to inform you that the Adams has arrived safely and I am very pleased with it.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
– Ernst, Netherlands

The daggers came yesterday and thank you. They will be a nice addition to my
– Best to you, Dick, WI

I got the items today and I am very pleased with the speed of the delivery and your professional handling of the affair. I thank you for the pleasure of doing business with you and hope that we will be able to do so again in the future.
– Niklas, Sweden

Pistols arrived today, Thanks. Very pleased with them and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
– God Bless. Bob, UK

Received the Colt SA on Thursday and it looks to be as you described it. I’m happy with the deal and I will continue to watch your sight and if something else comes up I will get back to you.
– Bruce, MN

Piece arrived this afternoon- naturally I am VERY pleased. And as usual it could have been dropped from the plane and survived. I really like these odd pieces- keep me in mind. I am always looking for
“Bellies” but do have several .31’s already!!
Again, Thank you
– Sonny, SD

I received the shotgun today. I’ve inspected it and am pleased with our transaction.
Thank you!
– Paul, DE

The Remington got here safely today the 6th of July! I’m very happy with the pistol and I’m glad that it was packaged softly. Hope to do business again sometime.
Take care.
– Phil, NC

Good morning! Nope, this isn’t about breakfast. The Bacon Pocket just arrived via UPS and is absolutely awesome. Thanks, again! Have a terrific weekend.
– Jerry, MD

Received the gun today safe and sound, very nice and very well package,
– Roger, UK