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1808 US 69 Caliber Musket
1808 US 69 Caliber Musket, Belgium
Original flintlock and musket bayonet
1933 Mauser Police Rework
With matching magazine
Adams 41 Caliber D.A. Percussion Revolver
Very good mechanical function over 85% original blue finish
Alex Henry Cased Mini Frame 360 2 ¼” Single Shot
94% Blue, original reloading equipment
Alexander Henry Under Lever
Alexander Henry Under Lever 12 Bore Double Rifle
Very fine Damascus barrels with nicely engraved action
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Army
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Army
Michigan cavalry Civil War, Army 44
Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Belt Revolver Percussion
32 caliber percussion sidehammer belt revolver
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer 36 Navy Lipfire
Martial Arm revolver, 60% original finish
Allen’s Patent 32 Caliber Worcester Handle
Worcester handle, Gold Rush era pistol.  
Allen’s Patent Pepperbox, Worcester Made
Engraved floral pattern, 32 caliber D.A
American Arms Co. Double Barrel Deringer
American Arms Co. Double Barrel Deringer
Rare 22, 32 rimfire combination
American Arms Co. G.H. Fox Pat Grd 7 Side Opening
High grade engraved, Damascus barrels
Andrew Jackson Commemorative
Andrew Jackson Commemorative
Only 100 made, 14 karat Gold Edition. New Condition
Archer Flintlock Pocket Pistols, London
London marked, descent pair of two
Argentine Model 1909 DWM Rifle
DWM rifle original bayonet & scabbard
Army & Navy C.S.L. Rook Rifle
Army & Navy C.S.L. Rook Rifle
Minty all original, 25-20 Caliber 99%
Baby Bull Dog 32 Colt Caliber
32 Colt caliber revolver
Ballard Patent Sporting Rifle
Ballard Patent Sporting Rifle, 44 Caliber
80% barrel finish Ballard Patent 1861
Basque Smooth Bore Percussion Pistols
Basque Smooth Bore Pistols_Engraved
Traveling pistols were probably made for Royalty or exhibition
Beaumont-Adams D.A. 44 Caliber Civil War Era
Civil War era, 80% original blue
Belgium Revolver 50 Cal CF DA 5 Shot
Mechanical function is very good, Rare 50 caliber
Berleur, Double Barrel Flintlock Fowler, 20 Gauge
Michael Berleur of Paris, France in 1750
British 10 Gauge Double Barrel Saloon
British 10 Gauge Double Barrel Saloon Gun
13 1/8” barrels,marked LONDON
British 6 shot 32 cal pepperbox
British 6 Shot D.A. 32 Caliber Pepperbox Pistol
Lightly engraved, nice pepperbox
British Pair, Boxlock Boot /Coat Pistols
Nice pair of 63 caliber pistols
British Tower Flintlock Land Pattern Pistol 65 Caliber
Colonial Trade gun, British Crown seal
British Woodward’s 22 Caliber O&U Deringer
Tiny British swivel breach Deringer
Buggy Rifle Percussion Double 40 caliber
Buggy Rifle Percussion Double 40 caliber
Percussion 40 caliber buggy rifle
Chamelot, Delvigne D.A. 11 mm Pinfire Revolver
Important step in cartridge evolution