Clarbough Engraved Flintlock Pistol

Nicely engraved with ball and flask, .465 Caliber

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This is a nicely engraved Clabrough screw of barrel flintlock pistol with a ball and flask compartments. Peter Clabrough was the English gunsmith was located at The High Street Lincoln between 1821 and 1828. It was made about 1827 or 1828. The barrel is 1 ½” and is 6 ¼” overall in length. The pistol is nicely engraved with a flag, drum and spear motif, and it is very crisp and tight with a working safety. The flask has a small separation on the corner, about 1 1/8” long. The box is very good but has a small separation on the rear two corners of the bottom near the hinges. It is a solid case and the pistol is very good to fine condition with crisp engraving and markings.