Colt 1861 Navy OMC SN 1906, (Cased)

RARE Cased Colt, McDowell’s Book

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This is the Cased Colt Model 1861 that is pictured on page #250 in Bruce McDowell’s book Colt Conversions and Other Percussion Revolvers. This one has a Pall Mall London label with a cartridge block now full, oiler, screw driver, cleaning rod and a key for the lock. The Colt retains 80% blue, 80% case color and 70% silver on the trigger guard and back strap. The cylinder retains 40% blue and 94% cylinder scene. The mechanical function is very good crisp and tight and the bore is very good bright and shiny with strong rifling but does have two or three small spots of corrosion in the grooves. Overall it is an exceptionally very fine plus condition RARE Pall Mall London Colt 1861 Navy OMC revolver.