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Colt 1878 D.A. Pall Mall London_Cased 45 Boxer

Original price was: $5,995.00.Current price is: $5,700.00.

OK for Canada, 94% original blue



This is a very nice cased blue 1878 D.A. 45 Boxer or 450 Revolver with British Proof marks. It is serial number 3117 and was made in 1879 and retains over 94% original blue finish. The grips are excellent plus condition without any chips or cracks. The mechanical function is excellent crisp and tight and the bore is excellent bright and shiny. It is a 5 ½” barrel. The case is very nice with Colts Pall Mall London label and contains a cleaning rod, oil bottle and the working key. The wood cartridge board has holes for 18 rounds.

This is ok for Canada sales. It comes with the original cleaning rod.