Harpers Ferry Model 1841 “Mississippi” Rifle

Used during the Mexican American war

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This is one the 8,879 rifles altered to rifled 58 caliber bores. The National Armories did this alteration in 1855-1860. They were re-bored to 58 caliber, the ramrod was replaced by all steel type with trumpet head profile with out brass tip. The rear sight is the original sliding wedge with 100-500 yard marks on it. There is a saber bayonet lug on the right muzzle end. The mechanical function is very good and tight. The bore is very good with strong rifling except for fine corrosion in the first 9” of the bore. There is an old solid crack at the rear of the lock and it reaches up to the end of the tang. Many of these rifles saw heavy use during the Mexican American War.  The wood has bumps and dings. Inside the patch box there is the original spare nipple.