John Probin Flintlock Blunderbuss

Made by John Probin for King George IV

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John Probin was Gun Maker to His Majesty King George IV 1840-1851. This is a solid, well-made flintlock Blunderbuss and is 28 ½” in overall length. The muzzle outside diameter of 1.82” It is lightly engraved with a heavy brass barrel and rates over 85% condition. The mechanical function is very good and crisp. The metal is very good condition but there is a small crack at the top of the ramrod pipes. All of the trim is brass and lightly engraved. Brass would have been popular for Naval duty and near the ocean, as it would hold up much better that iron. The wood ramrod has an augur tip and the butt plate is brass. The wood is very good, not chipped or cracked but is missing a small sliver at the right side of the muzzle. The wood still has most of the original varnish.