Westley Richards Double Barrel Pistol

Cased with beautiful Damascus barrels

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This is a very neat Westley Richards side-by-side double percussion pistol with captive rammer. It shot a 54 caliber Jacobs winged ball. This has 8 ½’ barrels and is 15 1/2” overall in length. The pistol barrels retain 85-90% barrel brown, the locks have 70% dark case colors, the wood has 85% varnish and fairly sharp checkering except for one impression on the lower right grip side. Under the barrels are numerous small dings from the captive rammer tool. The trigger guard retains 45% blue and the butt cap has 45-50% blue or case color, not sure what it is for sure. The mechanical function is very good and both safety’s work correctly. Both bores have some corrosion in the grooves and on the top of the lands but the rifling is very strong. This pistol has Platinum breech plugs and the locks, hammers, top tang, trigger guard and butt cap are all engraved. The case contains, a cleaning rod, oil container, powder flask and ball bullet mold. The mold is not the correct one for this pistol and there is no cleaning tip in the case. The case measures 8”x16” and has the original lining. The serial number appears to be 587, difficult to be positive but if correct makes this one made in 1848. The lower tang has plum patina on the serial number. The silver escutcheon on top, behind the top tang is not inscribed. This is really a neat old pistol. There is no key for the lid and no cracks in the case.