Colt Model 1878 Double 10 Gauge Shotgun

Very high condition, over 82% original

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The condition on this early Colt 10 gauge hammer shotgun is very nice. The barrels are 32” long on this shotgun. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight. The wood is very good with sharp checkering and no cracks, only a few tiny imperfections, about 94% varnish. The bores are bright and shiny and only a few areas of slight corrosion. The outside metal is very nice. The barrels retain 85% brown, the locks retain over 82% vivid case colors and the trigger guard 80% blue. The serial number is 3068 and it is all matching numbers. This was made in 1880. Enthusiasts regard the Colt Model 1878 as one of finest quality shotguns made in American history.