Flintlock Duelers Marked Hamburger & Co.

Rare maker, very nice quality!

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This is a very fine pair of flintlock Duelers marked Hamburger & Co. The bottom of the barrels are Birmingham marked and are late flintlock 1820s-1830s. They have roller frizzons, reinforced cocks, sliding safety’s and rounded lock plates. The barrels are 8” smooth bore with Platinum vents and Platinum breach inlays. Both pistols are nicely engraved and have very crisp mechanical function including the safeties. The bores are both very good and clean. They have the captive rammer system and silver monogram plaques behind the tangs. Both have nice case colors on the locks and the barrel have a nice amount of brown remaining. The wood checkering on the grips are crisp and no cracks or damage to the wood. These are very nice quality flintlock pistols.