J. Lynch, 40 Cal. 12” Flintlock Pistol

Exquisite with Silver mounted and inlays

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This modern handmade custom Kentucky flintlock pistol is exquisitely made with engraved silver trigger guard, silver inlays, a silver tip nose and silver front sight. The beautiful wood stock is tiger striped and a raised carved maple full stock. The bone tipped and stripped cleaning rod with an auger tip. The mechanical function is very crisp and the bore is excellent, bright and shiny. A note about the maker J. Lynch who lived in Benicia, CA and was a maker of high quality fine flintlock pistols and flintlock rifles. This pistol is #5 and is so marked on the muzzle end, 40 caliber and 5. It was a prize offered at the North California Historic Arms Collectors and was presented to Bob Bjorn an Officer of the club and the winner of the drawing. Bob Bjorn is engraved on the silver escutcheon on this pistol. He was a gun collector form Fairfield, CA and passed away in the mid 1990s. This pistol is one of the finest and most exquisitely made modern flintlock pistols to be found anywhere.