Maynard Second Model Civil War Carbine, 50 Caliber

Very good condition all around

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The 1863 Second Model Maynard carbines were breech loading percussion systems. It used a loaded cartridge but was discharged by a percussion musket cap. The U.S. Government purchased just over 20,200 Maynard Second Model Carbines from 1863-1865. The 9th and 11th Indiana and the 11th Tennessee regiments were armed with the Second Model Maynard carbines. This one has two very crisp Inspector Cartouches on the wood stock. The barrel retains about 80% blue and 65% case colors on the receiver. The SN is 19079 and has two flip up leaf sights. The mechanical function is very good crisp and tight. The bore is very good bright and shiny with only a small amount of frosting near the breach end. This is a very nice example of a U.S. Civil War Carbine. Brass for the 1863 Maynard carbine can be purchased from S&S Firearms in Glendale, NY for $3.15 each.