Parker 10 Gauge Antique Hammer Gun With Letter

Nice traces of Damascus steel pattern remain

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This is a neat Parker 10 gauge hammer shotgun with serial number 33451 and was ordered Sept 25, 1883 by Hodgkins and Haigh in New York, NY. The mechanical function is very good and tight with bright and shiny bores. Nice traces of Damascus steel pattern remain on the outside of the barrels. Traces of case colors on locks, hammer and trigger final. Note the second paragraph in the Parker letter according to Order Book No. 43, a Right Hammer and tumbler pins were order by Louis Mahon in Duluth, Minn. on August 24, 1897. The cost was $2.00. The LOP is 13 3/8” and the checkering is flat and no damage to the wood. This is a nice and solid antique 10 gauge Parker hammer gun.