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U.S. Ames Model 1860 Civil War Cutlass


Only 25,000 were made

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This is a Civil War 1862 dated U.S. Naval Cutlass and was made by Ames Mfg. Co. /Chicopee Massachusetts and inspected by Daniel Reynolds. Only 25,000 were made compared to the 300,000 M1860 Light Cavalry Sabers. The blade is 26” long. The brass hilt is marked with the ID number 18M/404. The leather scabbard is attached to a 26”x 1 ½” clear plastic piece to protect the scabbard from being damaged. A tiny piece of the tip is missing from this scabbard. The right side of the ricasso is marked with an DR 1862 and the left side Ames Mfg. Co./Chicopee/Mass.