W.W. Marston Breech-Loading Percussion Rifle

Extremely RARE, retains over 59% blue


This is a very unusual breech loading percussion rifle. The receiver is numbered 110 as were as the wedge and barrel. Norm Flayderman’s book indicates that less than 300 were made. It has a 24” barrel with an excellent bore and very good crisp and tight mechanical function. The receiver retains 30% blue finish. The 24” barrel with excellent 40-caliber bore. It measures .90 flat to flat and retains over 59% blue. This has double set triggers. The wood is very fine condition on the left side but the right side has two ¾” squares near the butt that may have had tape stuck and removed but also removed the finish there. The butt is engraved as well as the hammer and receiver. This rifle is extremely RARE and was made in the mid 1850s. W. W. Marston has 12 different listings in the Flayderman book index. He manufactured 1861 Percussion muskets for the U.S. Government as well as many percussion pepperbox revolvers and single shot pistols.