Alex Henry Cased Mini Frame 360 2 ¼” Single Shot

94% Blue, original reloading equipment

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This is a beautiful condition inside and out Alex Henry 360 2 1/4” Single Shot Miniature Falling Block Rifle with the original case. It has some of the original reloading equipment still with it. The rifle retains 92% blue has very good crisp and tight mechanical function and a very good bright and shiny bore. Two flip up rear sights, 150 yards and 200 yards. The LOP is 14 ¼” and it weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces. The serial number is 3678 and was made about 1873 or 1874. The wood is beautiful with sharp checkering and a pistol grip with a horn cap on it. The tip of the fore stock appears to also be horn. The case contains 4 boxes of new unfired Bertram brass. The bullet mold is marked A.H. #4197 marked and is .363” diameter, a A. Henry stuck cartridge remover tool, an unmarked oil canaster, a brass capping and decapping tool, another tool with the number 4197 the same as the mold and a ivory jar. The case is leather covered made of very solid oak with a beautiful condition Alex Henry Label Edinburgh & London, no key for the lock.