Colt 1848 Baby Dragoon 5 Shot

Traces of blue still remain

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The mechanical function is very good and tight. The 31 caliber 4 ½” barrel has a good to plus bore shiny but does have two spots of corrosion. All visible numbers are matching except for the wedge. The trigger guard and back strap retain 35% silver. Traces of blue still remain. The cylinder is a 3 line Colt patent and the barrel address is a left hand two line with Dash finals and a period between New and York. The cylinder has round cylinder stop holes and there here is about 30% cylinder scene remaining. All of the markings are good to good plus. Faded case colors are visible on the left side and faint on the right. The single safety pin still remains when you line up the cylinder address with the hammer. The grips appear to have been sanded. The William Tuller T initial is below the forcing cone on the rear of the barrel lug and on the right trigger bow.