Colt 1849 Pocket 6” With Nice Slim Jim Holster

Original Slim Jim Flap Holster

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This is a 6” Colt 1849 Pocket with a nice Slim Jim Holster. The serial number is 92598, is matching and was made in 1852. It still retains 40% blue and 35% case colors, 30% silver, 85% varnish and 90% cylinder scene. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight. The bore is very good rifling but does have some traces of corrosion. The cylinder safety pins are about 75-80%. The Slim Jim holster is about very good with all stitching intact and no damage except the little strap where flap tucks to hold it closes has a small tear to the edge. The 6” barrel 1849 are a little more difficult to find.