Webley 500 BPE 3” Double Rifle

Webley, excellent+ condition 95%

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This is a very fine condition Webley .500 3” (BPE) Nitro-for-Black underlever Double rifle. It has 27” barrels 14 ¼” LOP and is just over 9 pounds 7 ounces in weight. It has 150 and 250 yard flip up rear sights. It retains 87% barrel blue and 76% case colors. The serial number on this beautiful underlever rifle is 6371 and was made between 1879 and 1883. The mechanical function is crisp and tight and the bores are very good bright and shiny with like new rifling. The wood is beautiful without any chips or cracks. The checkering is still very fine condition. This caliber is more than adequate for any North American game and they were used in India for dangerous game. The 500 BPE with 400 grain SP bullet had a velocity of 1900 fps and produced 3530 Pounds of Energy. Loaded ammo or brass can be purchased from Buffalo Arms or Graf & Sons.