Westley Richards 12 Gauge Cased Rifle

Hammerless, Beautiful bores


This is a Westley Richards 12 gauge Anson & Deeley Hammerless Gun. It has 30” barrels with excellent bright and shiny bores and a very good crisp and tight lock up. The fancy wood is very good with sharp checkering and the receiver has 35% case colors and the barrels retain about 40% barrel brown. The LOP is 14 3/8”, DAC is 1 5/8” and the DAH is 2”. The oak wood case is solid and still has the three labels on the inside lid. It is barrel numbered 5112 and the receiver, front wood and barrels all have the number 19. It was made about 1875 or 1876. On the outside right corner of the case is a Cunard Line Cabin B and the name C.G. Francklyn embossed on the leather cover. Charles C. Francklyn was a very famous Industrialist, built the Gas Industry, Inventor and Grandson of Founder of Cunard Line, he also was interested in Ranches and Mines. See N.Y. Times link. https://www.nytimes.com/1929/01/12/archives/cg-francklyn-dies-built-gas-industry-bought-waste-product-which.html