Williams Officers Flintlock Belt Pistol 75 Caliber

Nicley marked “Williams” lock plate

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This was probably a British private purchase large bore Officers Belt Pistol. The two proof marks on the left side near the breech are a Crown over GP and Crown over VP and are London House Proofs and were used from 1813-1855. I believe it was made after 1813 before 1824. On the escutcheon plate at the rear of the tang is a Crown. The mechanical is very good and it sparks when the trigger is pulled. The safety works and on half cock. The ramrod is steel with a cupped end. The overall length is 12 ½”. Williams is nicely marked on the lock plate. The wood has one muzzle end crack on the left side but is solid. WS is stamped on the wood at the rear of the left side plate tip.